Golf Blissful Meadows - Player Comments

Player comments when surveyed on experience at Blissful Meadows: 

"This is a great well maintained track. The people running the place, pro shop staff, starters, cart staff and wait staff are among the friendliest I have ever encountered on a New England course, in fact almost anywhere period. You get the feeling that they are glad you are there. The course is well laid out and fun to play. The back is a little hilly if you like to walk as we did. Can't wait to go back." - Bill Smith via Facebook Reviews

"Played and worked here for years. The course is always in fantastic condition and the front and back are like playing two separate golf courses. The one thing you can say about blissful compared to many courses around the area is each hole feels like its own hole. You never have to worry about hitting into another fairway however that usually means you end up in the woods when you miss hit." - Brian, via Facebook Reviews

"It was fantastic. I play at a small course and shoot close to par. I just wanted to play a more challenging course. I can not think of anything negative." - Jay 

"Your staff members are very professional, the course is always in excellent shape and the food is always delicious, plus I love the functions you put on thru out the year." - Jeffrey

"the best course I've ever played on. Cannot wait to play this course again." - Normand

"Played before and the course, people and facility are awesome."   "I have played here many times over the last 2 years and each time with weather conditions good or bad the course has been in great shape and the staff has handled whatever situation is brought to them professionally and without hesitation. Awesome place! "  -  Christopher

"I have played the course a couple of times and love it there. It is beautiful, the course is fun, and challenging." - Matthew

"I also think it is the best course in central mass and I compare all the other courses to it. They don't compare and that is why we keep coming back."  - Billy

"Great....nice place to play." - Catherine

"I have nothing to say about this course other than that it is far better than my usual course. Thanks for the great greens!" - Kevin

"To be honest, just keep the way it is, very please with it, some golf course is not appreciate the customers much. Love this course so much." - Loi

"Best Course in the state of MA." - George

"Really like the layout and the staff was very friendly." - Michael

"Great course...Nice laid back atmosphere I wouldn't change much." - Jeff

"Close, good condition, friendly people." - David

"I am pleased to say that I play there, know the staff, and will always advertise for you by word of mouth." - Michael

"From what i seen i would and have recommended this course to all my friends that play." - John 

"Its a great course and affordable, especially the "3-hole" package." - George

"Very enjoyable day thank you and your staff!" - Norm

"Staff and course are phenomenal. Have never played a better course in the area!" - Dustin

"I can't think of any way to improve on our visit. We've been back twice since our initial visit." - Elizabeth

"What a beautiful place to golf!" - Elizabeth

"Love the course. Great golf - great staff!" - Sandy

"One of the best courses in the area at a reasonable price!"  - Matt

"For the winter we had the course was in awesome shape.  We had a foursome on your opening day and everybody had a great time.  Mark keep the beer nice and cold for after our round, food was excellent.  Always a good time at Blissful,we will be back."  - Jeffrey

"First time out was Friday - once again Matt and David made my son & I feel like long-time members.  No one advertises Blissful more than me and it's because they way we are always treated by the staff (esp Matt and David). I will be signing-up my 2 boys for lessons next week. THANKS SO MUCH!" - Lenny

"The course itself is challenging but doable, but the best even better which makes me come back with eagerness is the way the staff treats its customers. You sincerely care about your customers. From the proshop (more specifically the guy in charge of our league) , to the starter, the ranger, the beercart girl, all are personable and friendly."

"In a nut shell Blissful Meadows is Southern New Englands best kept secret. But the word is getting out. Living in Cumberland RI, the past few years I typically play courses like New England CC, Crystal Lake, Cranston CC, Triggs, Fenner Hill, Poycoy Brook, Norton, and Maplegate. For the past two years my friends and I have almost exclusively played at Blissful and will continue to do so. The courses above have nothing on Blissful. The price, customer service, and the course itself (condition and challenge of play (not easy but not impossible)) is why Blissful is better than those courses listed above"

"Keep up the good work." - Clifton

"I've been playing at Blissful Meadows for over five years. Every time, the staff has treated my party with the greatest of respect. The course has always been in great shape. The prices have always been afforable. These qualities keep me, family and friends coming back." – George

"I enjoy everything about your course thats why I drive 40 to 45 minutes to get to your course, keep up the good work and great moods of your employee's...." – Edward

"As a senior, I commend you for your customer orientation and the fairness of your rates. The Loyalty Club is creative and appreciated. We started playing at Blissful Meadows this year and we look forward to playing the course at least once a week." – Mike

"Love the ambience and friendliness, especially to don't always get that. And people are nice when you call...that is a big draw!!" – Anne-Marie

"Found the entire experience to be wonderful. Look forward to playing the course again." – Remi

 "Absolutely love this course -- if it were closer to where I live I would become a member." – Joan
"Great value and a top 10 course in New England"  – Donald
"I can't think of anything to change -- it is a great course and very reasonably priced." – David
"The course is outstanding.  A great value." - Mike
"I played in an outing and the course and dinner were excellent.  Very enjoyable experience." – John
"I had a great time and am planning on coming back with family to play again. I have even purchased the yardage guide/savings book." – Dustin
"It was so well groomed and beautiful.  Everything was up to snuff."  - Mrs. Carlson
"Everything was quite good." – David
"The facility does a great job in making players feel welcome and in providing us with an enjoyable experience. Thanks. . . ." – Roy
"Your course is in great shape. I think everything is good just the way your facility and the pro shop & tavern is being run, I may consider being a member in the future if the course was open for membership" – Donald
"Best greens around!!!" – Thomas
"Course is fun and fair to play from all the tees for all levels..." – Rick
"Keep up the good work. Love the back nine!" – Michael
"Food was great, golf was challenging yet enjoyable.  We have watched the course grow since the 1st year. Still fun to play." - Ed
"I'm impressed with your service and efforts to deliver value in this economy. Your stepped up marketing efforts are to be applauded. My wife bought me your gift certificate package and I also signed up for your loyalty program. I play many courses, and witness poor customer service and high prices. No question my circle of friends are golfing less these days, but they appreciate good service and value and that's where they'll play. You're not the most convenient course for me, but I intend (along with my friends) to go out of my way to play Blissful more than ever this year. Good effort!" – Michael

 "Every round of golf at Blissful was enjoyable.  Played mostly Thursdays, but also several weekends.  Every staff member I encountered from Proshop, starter, and wait staff was polite and courteous (comes from the top down)." - George

"I've played in a couple of charity/scramble events on your course over the last few years and I have enjoyed each experience very much. Based on the condition of the course and etc I have recommended Blissful Meadows to many of my golfing friends." – John

"I always have a great time when I play at Blissful Meadows. I would not change anything about the course, people, or experience." – Jeremy
"I find your course one of the most enjoyable courses to play. I don't get many days/wk to play and your course is always the one I suggest to play when my buddies bring up the question..." – Ralph
"I enjoy your golf course very much, it always presents a challenge." – Ken
"Super, very picturesque. Great value for quality of course,  Keep it up." – Mark
"Blissful Meadows is the best course I've ever played." – Matthew
"Blissful Meadows is a great golf course."  – Brian
"Great course and great rate." – Michael
"Top notch experience."  – Gary
"We really loved the setting of the course and are planning a visit this month. And we are bringing friends with us!" – Daniel
"The course is well maintained with friendly staff. Would play more often at Blissful meadows but a long drive for us." – John
"I wouldn't change a thing - great experience overall!" – Richard
"The one time I played left me very satisfied." – Sandy
"I've been playing there for about 7 or 8 years now. We have a group that varies in size and we like to play at different courses on a week to week basis but we play Blissful more than any other. I like the course and I like the way I am treated. I would like to pay less but you provide a good value and that's what is important. So keep doing what you're doing but don't ever get comfortable in it because that is when the value deflates. See you tomorrow morning." – Rick
"I have a great time every time I play here. Keep up the good work." – Billy
"I have only played once, I found the whole experince enjoyable. I play with a group of seniors, we like to try different courses and Im sure we will get out your way again." – Maurice
"Love it there! Beautiful place!" - Jody
"Everything was very good, enjoy playing at your club. Staff always very helpful and friendly. Have played here last year also, will continue to play and bring friends." – William
"You are doing a great job." – Michael
"It is my favorite course in the general area of my home." – Mike
"I played in the early season and I know how beautiful this course can be, just keep up whatever your doing." – Jack
"I've always got the tee times I wanted, the service has alway been great. The course is always in great shape. The staff has always been courteous." – George

"I have only been the one time, there wasn't anything I would change, had a really good time." – Christopher