The History of Blissful Meadows


Blissful Meadows Golf Club is built upon land that was purchased by the Wood family from the King of England in 1726 when the town of Uxbridge was a section of Sherborn, Massachusetts. 

The one and one-half story cape-style hand-hewed post and beam farmhouse (located to the right of the clubhouse) was built by the Wood family in 1745 and is now in the National Register of Historic Buildings.

In 1851, the Wood family sold the farm to Comfort R. Thompson.  Thompson remodeled the 1745 farmhouse in 1879 by constructing a  2-story addition. Then, in 1880, Mr. Thompson built the large historic Victorian barn (now the clubhouse).  This building is also in the National Register of Historic Places.

The Thompson family sold the farm in 1957 to the Holman family which in turn, sold the farm to the Rondeau family, who purchased the farm with the intent of raising cattle and providing an income from the land.

In 1964 Gordon and Jean Bliss purchased the farm, including the house, barn, approximately 100 acres of land, and all of the farm machinery for the fair asking price of $14,900. This was to become a "hobby" farm for the Blisses and their 7 children, all of whom grew up on the farm with the horses, cows, beef cattle, chickens, pigs, goats and sheep.  They named their farm "Blissful Meadows". 

In 1988 when most of the Bliss children "left the roost", Jean and Gordon Bliss, along with their son Kevin, and daughter-in-law Cindy, converted the nearly 300 year-old farm into one of Blackstone Valley's most beautiful golf courses.  

Although the Bliss children left the home they were raised in, they could never leave the farm.  All seven of the children have had and most currently do have a hand in the every day operations of Blissful Meadows.  Even the sons-in-law have joined in!

The New England charm still exists at Blissful Meadows, from the historic buildings, abandoned "Scadden Silver Mine", 100's of feet of original stone walls, and 100 year-old farm machinery.  They all contribute to that feeling you get at Blissful Meadows, bringing you back to a simpler time, a more relaxed time, time when families worked together, and played together.